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5/1-2021 The WOLFHUNT is on it’s 4th day! Spread the word, let the world know, #worldwide
During an ongoing license hunt for wolves, as now, where red-listed -sightly endangered- wolves are killed simply because they are wolves. They are not special ”problem wolves”, nothing that speaks to their disadvantage. Nothing they did, or did not do. More than being born, being and living like a wolfs. Hunters / wolf haters) decide that is enough. They should be removed, regardless and preferably even more than the allocation of them. And they spend their free time on it.
(Pictures from Sweden) Further reports later on)
Today 6/1, 16 wolves killed in Sweden om the 5th dag !
10 wolves killed in Norway. Follow; ⤵️

Ban Trophy Hunting Ban Trophy Hunting #exposetrophyhunters #extinctionisforever #EU
For everyone that missed the petition before, sign please, it’s not to late.

Take a look at this video from Norway , then you will se the true hunters hate on the dead wolf. This is exactly what they do. Sik and discusting ! >

We wish you all a peaceful Christmas and Holidays to come. Keep up the good fight against Trophy hunting. Thank you for following us.


Parts of eastern #Arizona are a conflict zone, as a 100-year war between ranchers, conservation groups, government agencies, and the endangered Mexican gray wolf (Canis lupus baileyi) rages on. The rarest subspecies of gray wolf, also known as “el lobo,” is doing what wolves have always done in their native territories: they hunt and eat animals weakened by misfortune, time and nature itself. But ranchers who sell their cows, sometimes for $1200-$1500 per animal, aren’t happy when someone’s future hamburger becomes a wolf’s dinner.
Even though the government will compensate ranchers for cows killed by wolves, a new survey reveals most cattle farmers feel el lobo’s reintroduction into the area is a threat to ranching – and their livelihoods.

bantrophyhunting #ExposeTrophyHunters

Source > EnviroNews

The Swedish Wolves need your help. Please sign and share, THANK YOU🐺

Please sign on Care2, > thepetitionsite

Ron Thomson has shot more than FIVE THOUSAND elephants. He claims he has “by far hunted more than any other man alive.”

Here he describes how hunting elephants makes him feel:

“No-one can define the rush of adrenaline that sends the pulses racing but the hunter, himself; the goose-pimples that run up and down his arms, and along the length of his back, erecting the hair on the nape of his neck.

“Sluck! The sound of the bullet hitting its target. The elephant throws its head up, its trunk rising high.

“It is the elephant’s final salute. Its hind quarters collapse first – then it falls sideways to the ground, its large brown eyes already staring into the great hereafter.

“Then the shaking begins, not from fear, but the release of it! Not from excitement, but from the expiring of tension.

“The smile on my face is painful. The exhilaration is complete.”

Thomson and two other hunters halved the elephant population in Zimbabwe’s Gonarezhou national park in a matter of minutes. They killed 2,500 animals using military NATO-7.62 mm semiautomatic rifles.

“The three of us were able to kill between 30 and 50 elephants stone dead with brainshots in less than 60 seconds,” he later said. “We did it exceptionally well.”

Edited extract from “TROPHY HUNTERS EXPOSED: Inside the Big Game Industry” by Eduardo Goncalves. Published by Green Future Books. Available from

Thank you to; Animal Welfare Watch


Look at this discussing page and redneck murderers❗
How can this even be allowed today in 2020!?? > Link to Facebook page

BanTrophyHunting #ExposeTrophyHunters #HunttheHunters Peter Egan #Xposetrophyhunting

-” Tired of wolves interrupting your hunt and displacing your wildlife?F4WM has removed 700+ wolves with just over $430,000 membership and sponsor dollars, with zero tax funding. That’s less than $615 per wolf, solely funded by Sportsmen Ranchers and concerned citizens. Without the F4WM program, the Idaho Wolf Control Board would be charged with removing the same wolves. Their average expense to investigate livestock depredations and remove problem wolves averaged $9005 per wolf in 2016, $8003 per wolf in early 2017, and more than $9000 per wolf in 2018… 65% of which, has historically been funded by Idaho state tax dollars. 700 wolves x $9000 per wolf= $6,300,000… 65% Tax funded= $4,095,000 State Tax Dollars potentially saved by implementation of our Wolf Harvest Reimbursement Program.”-

F4WM brings those who want wolves manged- Idaho Fish & Game, outdoor enthusiasts, hunters, and ranchers, -together with those who have the ways and means to get the job done.

Europe #EU

Strange that the EU woun’t Follow Suit when the US has banned the Ivory trade.
Peter Egan #Bantrophyhunting #BantheIvoryTrade #xposetrophyhunting

As part of its plans to be the first net zero emissions, zero pollution continent by 2050, the EU published its Biodiversity Strategy for 2030, personally championed by First Executive Vice-President Timmermans, on 20th May.
It proposes among other issues “… a further tightening of the rules on EU ivory trade” while nonetheless maintaining a thriving ivory market itself.


Hunting season has begun on Sunday without any expected changes to numbers of people going out due to coronavirus, the head of the Cyprus Hunting Federation, Elias Pekris said on Thursday.
He added the hunting season would start on August 23 and last until the end of February. Sourse; Cyprez Mail


On the fourth day of the cruel licensed bear hunting in 2020, a total of 136 bears have now been killed out of the 291 that have been awarded. #ShameSwedenShame #Exposetrophyhunters #Extinctionisforever #Bantrophyhunting


In parts of Kenya, the economic damage wrought by the coronavirus pandemic has been so catastrophic that people have started to kill endangered wildlife for food.
Last week, The Telegraph trekked with rangers through the Tsavo conservation area, a region larger than Wales in southeastern Kenya, and found a Masai giraffe which had been stripped bare by poachers for bushmeat.

📢38 Bears killed on this uppdate 11.50
Already thee (3) Bears killed during this morning at 07.00 in the County of Dalarna!
Today the cruel Bear hunt starts in #Sweden ❗It goes on to the 25th of oktober!
291 Bears are going to be killed.
xposetrophyhunting #BanTrophyhunting #ExposeTrophyHunters #ShameSweden
The hunters WILL be exposed here om this page!

The #UK and #California are poised to restrict trophy hunting imports of many African species. This is a sign of changing times with public support waning for, what many call, a repugnant practice (a description even used by its advocates).
More governments around the world can be expected to implement legislation aimed at limiting trophy hunting imports. But fair warning to all those working to ban trophy hunting imports: beware the wolf in sheep’s clothing. Make no mistake about it, support for trophy hunting has little to do with protecting Africa’s wildlife and much to do with serving the hunting industry’s self-interests.

Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife (WDFW) Director Kelly Susewind has reauthorized WDFW staff to kill the two remaining adult members of the Wedge wolf pack to protect cows. WDFW must give the public one work day of notice (8 hours), and announced their decision in the early morning hours to quickly tick away at the allotted time.

The black market lion bone trade is worth tens of millions each year. Lions are born into captivity, shot by hunters and stripped of their bones.
🎬 Watch the full video here:
➡ Get my full exposé on the South African lion industry here:
All royalties from Unfair Game will be donated to wildlife charities in South Africa.

Jeremy Maggs, senior journalist for eNCA, interviews Lord Ashcroft about the horrors of South Africa’s large-scale, captive-bred lion farming industry and the exportation of lion bones for the black market, uncovered when researching his latest book, ‘Unfair Game’. Twitter: @LordAshcroft Facebook: Unfair Game, available on Amazon.

Expose Trophy Hunting
Book a lion hunt for 2021 and get a free lioness and 50% discount on a second hunter should you choose to bring a friend along to hunt the Lioness as per Tinashe Hunting Outfitters.
Unbelievable 🤬🤬🤬
Please no threats of violence/wishing death. We just have to delete them.

Trophy Hunting Is Not Conservation

But the growth of photographic tourism and wildlife populations are not discussed by the current government. Instead the narrative persists that trophy hunting will indirectly serve conservation by giving communities the tools and resources to withstand any human-elephant conflict they encounter. No clear evidence exists, however, that this type of conflict has increased since the moratorium, and it was prevalent long before then.

You’ll find her here:

#Bantrophyhunting #ExposeTrophyHunters #Extinctionisforever #Standtohetherforwildlife


11 augusti

Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife (WDFW) Director Kelly Susewind has reauthorized WDFW staff to kill the two remaining adult members of the Wedge wolf pack to protect cows. WDFW must give the public one work day of notice (8 hours), and announced their decision in the early morning hours to quickly tick away at the allotted time.

12 augusti

Watch an all-female team of rangers take on elephant poachers in #Zimbabwe

WorldElephantDay #Elephants

12 augusti

WORLD ELEPHANT DAY 2020 Today, 12 August is World Elephant Day!

Elephants are the largest land mammals on earth and extremely intelligent, sensitive and important. They have close family ties, very good memory and are social animals. They live in herds that are led by a female leader, referred to as “the Matriarch”. Elephants are important ecosystem engineers and are considered “keystone species”.

Elephants are the only species who have been recognised explicitly in promulgated regulation as sentient in South Africa. In terms of the Norms and Standards for the Management of Elephants, it is noted that Elephants must be managed in a way that “recognises their sentient nature, highly organized social structure and ability to communicate”. This document also states that “every reasonably effort must be made to safeguard elephants from abuse and neglect”.

Despite this explicit legal recognition of their sentience and other positive statements, Elephants are still used, abused and killed in a variety of ways – in South Africa and beyond!
While there are regulations governing these and requirements that must be met, legally:

  • Elephants can be utilised for entertainment purposes: including in interactions with humans which require cruel training methods (such as Elephant back-riding; performing in circuses; being forced to pose for photos – and other unnatural and harmful activities)
  • So-called “damage causing” Elephants can be killed (for damaging property, breaking fences or crop raiding as examples) or rather, the terminology often used is “destroyed” (defined as to “intentionally kill an elephant for management purposes”)
  • Elephants can also be killed as trophies by hunters and their body parts (such as ivory) exported out of South Africa
  • Live Elephants can be “exported” out of the country and sold to zoos or other facilities
  • “Culling” may be used to reduce the size of an elephant population
  • And the list goes on! …

Elephants also face additional threats through illegal actions (wildlife crimes including poaching and trafficking); destruction, fragmentation and loss of their habitat; human-wildlife conflict; climate change and others.

If Elephants truly never forget – is this the type of treatment that we would we want them to remember?

Today, we encourage you to do research on Elephants and how to avoid causing them any further harm. One way is to not support facilities that offer direct contact with Elephants or which keep captive Elephants – this is not natural behaviour and is harmful to them! Elephants belong in the wild, with their families, free from harm. You can also actively support organisations working towards their protection and share this information with your networks!

At Animal Law Reform South Africa, Elephant protection is a critical and urgent issue for us!

We have consistently worked to try and ensure their protection within the legal system through commenting on relevant legislation, regulatory and policy efforts; collaborating with other organisations and networks (within South Africa, Africa and internationally); presenting to Government and other stakeholders on these issues; sending letters and resources to relevant bodies; and other actions. We are also currently working on litigation in relation to Elephants, which we hope to launch soon – so watch this space!

This year, we are proud to join as a member of the “Friends of World Elephant Day” Associate Program by World Elephant Day. To read more about World Elephant Day, see:

We are also one of the founding members of the Pro Elephant Network (PREN), a global community of diverse individuals and organisations, united in their common concern for Nature, their deep association with the natural world and their commitment to apply their experience for the greater good. To read about the Pro Elephant Network, see:

To see some of our work for Elephants, see:

  1. Our Submission to the High Level Panel on Elephants, Rhino, Lions and Leopards (together with the EMS Foundation):
  2. Our Comments on the draft Norms and Standards relating to the Management of Elephants: (together with the EMS Foundation and Ban Animal Trading South Africa)
    ……and others, at:
  3. Animal law reform South Africa

10 augusti

By Ban Trophy Hunting #BanTrophyhunting

Today we are supporting our South African partners to address the appalling captive lion industry, where lions and other big cats are bred in captivity to be shot by trophy hunters and the lion bone trade.

We will all be using the hashtag #800Lions – Shockingly 800 lions is the current export quota for lion skeletons from this vile industry set by the South African government.

The South African government needs to shut down this industry, and respect these incredible big cats.

Please join us on Twitter TODAY from 2 pm, and look for the #800Lions hashtag

Please have a look on our Facebook page with a klick
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