Brutal trophy hunt in Sweden

Legalized trophy hunting has corrupted Swedish hunting management to such an extent that the Swedish Environment Agency is actively undermining the purpose of the Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species (CITES)!
It issues export permits for all trophies to attract foreign hobby hunters.

As of August 21, more than 500 brown bears are to be killed before their annual hibernation.

The European Commission and the international animal welfare community must address Sweden’s repeated violations of the Habitats Directive and ban the unethical trophy hunting of large predators, which is escalating in Sweden.

Trophy hunting is increasing worldwide, including Sweden.
Hunting seriously jeopardizes the survival of large predators.

Even so, the Swedish Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) increases the quota for legal trophy hunting every year.
Almost 7,000 bears, lynxes, wolves and wolverines have been legally killed since 2000.
In the first half of 2021 alone, permits for the killing of more than 720 predators were already issued in Sweden.

The cruel and unethical trophy hunting with which the Swedish Federal Environment Agency wants to regulate the populations, however, violates the aim and purpose of the EU species and habitat directive (92/43 / EEC).

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