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Trots att vargen är en starkt utrotningshotad art i Sverige jagas den nu på en jakt initierad och uppstyrd av våra beslutsfattande myndigheter. Detta är något som knappt lyfts i media eller bland gemene man. Den inhemska jakten på varg är således en stark bidragande orsak till den sjätte massutrotningen. Förstår eller vill våra myndigheter inte se det faktiska sambandet i det?

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Debate: An extinction is underway

60 million years ago, an asteroid knocked out the dinosaurs. It was the fifth mass extinction in the history of the earth. Right now we are experiencing the sixth, and this time we humans are the asteroid.

We destroy the habitats of the species. We chase and hunt them and release alien species. We are changing the climate. Up to one million species may be endangered worldwide. Something many Swedes are frightened and appalled by. What many do not reflect on in this context is that there is currently a license hunt for wolves in Sweden.
Although the wolf is a highly endangered species in Sweden, it is now hunted on a hunt initiated and controlled by our decision-making authorities. This is something that is hardly raised in the media or among ordinary people. The domestic hunt for wolves is thus a strong contributing factor to the sixth mass extinction. Do our authorities not understand or want to see the actual connection in it? The reason why the wolf is classified as highly endangered is defined in the Red List 2020 as follows; ”The most difficult threat is the lack of acceptance by parts of the population. The wolf has previously been persecuted mainly due to the wolf’s attacks on reindeer and other domestic animals. Other more diffuse threats exist, such as fear. The single biggest area of ​​conflict is that hunting dogs are killed by wolves. ”which is linked to the widespread use of stray dogs in hunting. The illegal hunting of wolves poses a serious threat throughout its range”.

In connection with the fifth wolf being shot during the license hunt in the Stora Bör area in Värmland County, the hunters announced that they had seen traces of two more wolves. The allocation applies to hunting another wolf and if the information about more wolves is correct, the Swedish Hunters’ Association is considering applying to the county administrative board in Värmland for an extra allocation.
Maria Falkevik, predator handler at the county administrative board Värmland then tells SVT that the county administrative board said, even before the hunt started, that it is stated in the hunting decision that if there are more or less than six wolves in the hunting area, you should contact them and make an assessment of what it’s about. And that in that case it would not be the first time an extension of license hunting is made.

The hunting decision says, however, that the county administrative board’s strategy is to wipe out entire family groups, instead of many individuals in scattered territories.

It is a statement by her during the ongoing hunt that gives room for the interpretation that the county administrative board is open to increase the allocation. But the hunting decision states verbatim: ”If it appears that the hunting area designated by the County Administrative Board contains more or fewer wolves than may be hunted according to this decision, the hunting leaders within the hunting area must contact the county administrative board.” Nothing about the fact that there would then automatically be a door open to shoot more wolves. The hunting decision says, however, that the county administrative board’s strategy is to wipe out entire family groups, instead of many individuals in scattered territories. But they are also clear that Stora Bör territory borders on five other territories and that it is of the utmost importance that the ”right” wolves are shot.

The Swedish Environmental Protection Agency, the Swedish authority responsible for hunting, has delegated the right to a decision on licensed wolf hunting to the county administrative boards with requirements that certain conditions must be met and which must then also be complied with. One of these conditions is that the county administrative boards’ decisions on license hunting shall be based on the direction that the regional administration has decided shall apply in the county. In other words, licensed wolf hunting is not a form of hunting that other actors must apply for or request an allocation for or extension of, but it is and must be an official decision based on favorable conservation status and announced well in advance of hunting.

Revolution Rov therefore firmly believes that, as a state authority, the county administrative board should take command of its decisions and thus the credibility of its competence in matters concerning the number of wolves to be shot. They should not be influenced by a one-way interest group such as the hunters ‘association, whose chairman Torbjörn Larsson even went public and pleaded that without the Swedish Hunters’ Association, hunters would never have had the opportunity to shoot wolves that attack hunting dogs, or even licensed wolf hunting at all. . He also says that if the Swedish Hunters’ Association had not worked almost daily from the salt stones in the Swedish forest to the EU politicians in Brussels, it would have been even worse. He does not hide behind a chair that their goal is known, a maximum of 150 wolves in our country with a local anchorage where the hunters will be allowed to participate and decide. Literally, he and the association he represents demand a wolf administration that keeps as few wolves as possible.
So the Hunters’ Association’s position on the wolf issue is definitely not favorable conservation status, wildlife management or biodiversity.
The question is where does the county administrative board in Värmland stand in the question?

/By Revolution Rov

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